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Manual Therapies Overview

These include Swedish remedial massage; Daoist massage; and Tuina (Chinese) massage as well as other forms of physical or manual therapies in Crowborough includes Chinese Cupping and the use of Chinese Moxa. Other therapeutic techniques used include ultrasound and sports therapy.

How Do I Know If Manual Therapies Will Help?

Massage, in all its various forms and varieties, has been used for many hundreds of years and is well known to treat all kinds of conditions, both physical and often for mental wellbeing.  Chinese cupping and heated moxa are often used to increase circulation and relive muscle tension. Ultrasound uses sound waves to penetrate soft tissues treating pain conditions and promoting tissue healing.


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Tim’s Approach & What to Expect on Your First Visit

When you arrive for your first appointment a full case history will be taken.  This will include questions about your current health, past medical history and treatment. Following your case history, depending on the presentation of your current symptoms, a full musculoskeletal evaluation may be necessary.  This will involve a few simple movements to assess your range of movement and  perhaps some orthopaedic and other tests, relevant to your specific condition.  Once it has been established that it is safe for you to receive treatment, a course of treatment will be formulated specifically for you.  This may comprise of a single therapy eg. osteopathy or acupuncture,  or a combination of techniques eg osteopathy with acupuncture.  Obviously, if you only wish to receive one particular therapy, then your treatment will be based around that therapy.  Once you are happy with  what is proposed, your treatment will begin.

Your initial consultation will usually last up to 40 minutes.  Subsequent sessions between 30-40 minutes. However, treatment times vary according to the nature of patients symptoms, and consultations can be longer or shorter than this. If acupuncture is used, either in combination with osteopathy or by itself, only single-use sterile disposable needles are employed.  Patients are advised to wear loose-fitting clothing but may expect to remove some clothing to enable clinical evaluation and treatment.  Advice is often given with regard to diet, lifestyle, exercise and first aid measures that may be used to complement your treatment.  

All information divulged during the course of the consultation will remain strictly confidential and secure.

"I was so pleased to be recommended to see Tim by a very good friend. Tim has a very calming influence which immediately puts one at ease. He has treated and resolved a very severe neck and shoulder problem; my 'tennis elbow'; eased my swollen joints; and instilled a sense of well-being. His practice is a relaxing and tranquil place in which to be treated. I would not hesitate to recommend him, as I do!"

SW, Brighton.

"I met Tim ten years ago and although I now live in London I make a trip to Tunbridge Wells to see him. Tim has a wonderful calming and sincere disposition which ensures every treatment is an enjoyable experience. This, coupled with his extensive knowledge and intuitive ability, has ensured that my aches and pains over the years have been healed in record time. I could not recommend him highly enough! Thanks Tim!"

CPW, Chiswick.

"Tim is an extremely good practitioner. He has helped me with a long-standing problem which was restricting me greatly. I am happy to recommend him to anyone." EB, Westerham "Tim has really helped me with a shoulder problem which I'd had for a long time."

AJB, Westerham

"I first visited Tim over 7 years ago as I had a bad back as a result of a skiing accident. The problem was quickly resolved after a short course of treatments and I was so impressed that, for any subsequent problems, I immediately returned to him for help. For the last few years I have seen Tim monthly on a "preventative" basis which has been very successful. I have always found Tim to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. He has always been very friendly and puts his patients at ease; therefore his sessions are always very relaxing. I would recommend him to anybody who would benefit from osteopathic treatment."

YB, Pembury

"Tim Rofe came highly recommended to me by a close friend who had had much experience of Osteopaths all over the world. She said he was "the best" and she travelled a long distance to come and see him. I first met Tim in 2008 when I had hurt my back so badly, that I'd been bed bound and unable to move for two weeks. By the second visit I was able to get back up on stage and perform a gig in stilletos!!! (I am a singer). Tim has a wonderful warm, gentle and relaxed manner. I have also had Tim work on my children if ever they've injured themselves and the kids love to see him too. I've had both osteopathy and acupuncture from Tim and both are amazing. Not just the remarkable healing that takes place, but also the wonderful sense of relaxation that occurs during a session. I recommend Tim Rofe to ALL my friends and family and now many of them see him too whenever they need. He really is brilliant! Thank you Tim for always fixing me when I've hurt myself!! You really are THE BEST".

MM, Pembury.

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